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Get motivated – You know you should

Get motivated, you know you should. ‘I could achieve so much more in life, but I just don’t have the motivation’. Are these words you’ve repeated all too often?  You have the skills or talent and the time but you don’t make the most of it because you’re just not bothered. You just lack the motivation’

Finding Motivation on Important But Non-Urgent Tasks

For example, we check our email, respond to messages, read news, find interesting things to read online. Our problem isn’t that these important tasks are that hard … it’s that we don’t feel motivated. So we procrastinate.

Leo Babauta writing in zen habits suggests you recall what it is you should get motivated about matters and remind yourself how much you love it, whatever ‘it’ is. The saying a problems a shared is problem halved (or doubled depending how you look at it) can apply here. Sharing what you should get motivated about can actually be a motivating factor.

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But what if you really can’t be motivated? You’re burned out.  Find some tips in the article below:

Finding Motivation When You’re…Just…Burned…Out

“The day started off great. They always do. I, my girlfriend, and our running friends were all huddled together, basking in the pre-dawn waiting of yet another ultra. We were in Tahoe, one of my favorite places in the world…”

Alternatively, watch a good old video. Watching a motivational video is one option to get back the drive you need on the journey towards achieving your goal. In the video Change Nation: Les Brown on Finding Motivation, Part 1 of 2 Ariane sits down with Les Brown, the “World’s Leading Motivational Speaker,” to talk about how to find motivation to make important changes in your life on Change Nation.

Just find the motivation to click on the you tube link to get a kick start to achieve your goals, and get yourself motivated as you know you should.