Do  you need copy that sells or persuades?

At the Writematters Copy Writing service we write copy that sells, gets attention and persuades.

One description of a Copy Writer is a “sales person behind a typewriter”.  Today’s Copy Writers are sales people behind a computer keyboard. And, that’s how we see ourselves, as your dedicated sales person. We don’t knock on doors and make a sales pitch. We craft the words that silently make that sales pitch.

Our job as Copy Writers is to give you copy that engages, convinces people to buy or take the action you want.

It’s fine if the copy is witty, a play on words or even entertaining. But, what you want is copy that moves your audience to action.

Writing for the web is more challenging than writing for print. A quick Google search for the term Copy Writing turned up 19 million results. It’s likely that a search for a topic in your niche or market will turn  up results in the tens of thousands.

Our goal is to make your words count. When a visitor lands on your web page or someone reads your printed materials they need to take the action you want.

You know the message your audience needs to see, but you need someone to craft compelling copy that moves them to action.

So… when you need help to craft your next communication piece – a case study, ghosted article, blog post, press release or any marketing piece call us on 44 7921 457025.

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